Don't pay too much!
Avoid a bad experience!

Here's what you need to know to make sure you get the very best roof at the very best price.

1.   Make sure the roofer you select does not subcontract the work out.  Some roofing companies make a good impression when you talk to the salesman, and then the guys who show up on the job are not even employees of the company you thought you hired. In this kind of subcontract situation promises are often not kept and expectations are disappointed.  Protect yourself by making sure you get the professional you hired.  Bruce Ward, owner of Award Roofing, personally works on every job, and brings his highly skilled crew with him.        

2.     Beware of the 'padded' bid and pricey upgrades.

Many roofing company salesmen will tell you that you need expensive upgrades.  They want you to believe the additional expense adds value, but often these claims are inflated, and the sole purpose is to sell you on a higher price.  It is actually possible to pay hundreds or even thousands more for upgrades you don't need in our climate!  Bruce Ward, owner of Award Roofing, Inc. will tell it to you straight - what is best for your real needs.  Bruce will give you honest information and the very best value for the price.  

3.     Don't be fooled by the fake coupon or discount.

If you have to present the coupon or ask for the discount before you receive your estimate, you can bet that the roofing company will add the coupon or discount amount to the estimate and then subtract it.  It looks like you are getting money off, but it's only a marketing trick. Bruce Ward, owner of Award Roofing, Inc., doesn't use manipulative marketing tricks to fool his customers into thinking they are getting something free. Bruce treats his customers like he would his friends and family, with respect and professional concern for their best interests.

4.    Make sure your roofing company has the insurance to cover you.

Choose a roofing company that has liability insurance for roofing work and coverage by Labor & Industries.  This coverage protects you in case of accidental employee injury. The WA Dept of Labor & Industries will not renew a license unless the contractor presents proof of insurance and bonding.  The complete license and insurance coverage of Award Roofing, Inc. is visible public record that can be verified on the WA Labor & Industries web site.  

5.    Don't be misled by glitzy sales presentation when selecting quality roofing materials.

Bruce Ward, owner of Award Roofing, recommends only the highest quality roofing materials on the market.  There is a highly advertised brand of roofing materials that gets old before its time and develops problems. Bruce won't use it!  This brand touts a certification program for installers, has fancy videos, and great sounding warranties.  Then a few years down the road the shingles are curling, have premature cracking, and granules coming off.  A class action lawsuit has been brought against the manufacturer.  The marketing program of this manufacturer is full of attractive graphics, well written sales presentation, and assertions about the value of its certification program. It turns out that the "certification" program is mainly a package of marketing tools and materials such as lawn signs, business cards, brochures and instruction on how to sell.  In the end, you don't want the best marketing presentation - you want the best roofing materials.     

BE SURE TO READ the testimonials on the pages of our web site.  These are comments from real customers, and we think you will be favorably impressed.  Most of our business comes from referrals, and you may be reading this because of the referral of your friend, family member or neighbor.  When a roofing contractor has lots of referral business that tells you that his customers were pleased and that they continue to be happy with the roof installed by Bruce Ward and his Award Roofing crew.  Call Bruce for a free estimate today, and for details on how you can get the very best, beautiful and long lasting protection for your valuable home.
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From Ruth in Kent 
    "Bruce gave me a great estimate, was always on time and very professional.  His crew made sure everything was cleaned up.  I highly recommend him to roof your home."
From Doug in Ravensdale 
     "When getting quotes for a replacement roof, Bruce was the only contractor that prepared a quote in the amount of time that he said he would, all the others were late - so we were off to a good start.  When I got his quote it was competitive so I quit calling the other contractors back!  From there Bruce continued to do everything that he said he would when he said he would. When dealing with contractors that's everything I look for - do what you say you will do! He was on the job just like he said he would be. They did a great job and finished when he said he would. It was just that simple and the roof looks great!   I would recommend Award Roofing to friends, family or anyone else without hesitation. 
     Thanks for a great job Bruce! "
From Bill in Kent
     "Bruce Ward and his crew did an outstanding job replacing our roof. It was an extremely complex roof, with many ridges and valleys.  From start to finish -  only 2 1/2 days.  I would recommend them highly."
From Diane in Renton 
     "Bruce and his crew are the best!  The flashings that Bruce made for the chimney and electrical anchor were a work of art - lt looked amazing.  Pro job all the way!"
From Rod in Issaquah - 2012
     "Great quality work - no mess! On time, friendly and finished in one day. Couldn't be happier."
From Herbert in Black Diamond
  "Thank you Bruce to you and your crew for the new roof. It's nice to know that there are still contractors who take pride in their work and at a reasonable price.
From Harry in Spanaway 
     "This has been the best + excellent replacement of my roof ever!! Best price, work done on time, clean up great. Work was done in one day! I would recommend Bruce's crew to anyone!
From Dave in Covington 
     "Award Roofing provided excellent customer service. After our roof was installed, we discovered a small leak. The same day we called, the issue was fixed. We have had no other issues since.
From Mike in Bellevue 
     "Bruce and his crew did an excellent job and beat all of the other bids hands down."
From Lewis in Enumclaw
     "Was able to do service quickly; staff were friendly and prompt. Job was done exactly as specified and our roof looks amazing!"
From Marge in Covington
     "Bruce, thank you for the great new roof on our old home.  It looks like new again.  Your company is excellent in professionalism and workmanship.  We highly recommend you.
From Jeanette in Covington
     "Bruce Ward will give you professional, high quality work at a fair price, with a seven year warranty.  He is proud of his work, and will tell you what your roof needs to do the job right the first time.  You can be confident with Bruce.